lørdag 14. juni 2014

Day 3: Through Yakima Valley

114.8 km

I woke up at 7:30 am and started cleaning up the mess I had made the night before, and after doing a bit of bike maintenance, I rolled out once again. My legs could feel the previous days of cycling pretty good. 

The day started with perfect conditions with sunshine and a strong tailwind pushing me the first 30 km to Naches in no time, where I stopped at a classic American diner where I ordered a large hamburger. The restaurant had wi-fi as well, so for the first time since the start I could get in touch with my family and let them know I was ok. I also took advantage of the opportunity to upload the blog entries for the last two days. 

To get to the sizable city of Yakima I had to get on the heavily trafficked freeway for 30 km which wasn't very pleasant from a cyclist's perspective. In Yakima I had planned to purchase a prepaid sim card for my phone, and after asking several people for directions, I managed to get to the store and get my phone set up with an American number. The guy who had helped me asked about the trip and personally walked me outside to see my bike and wish me luck. 

The temperature was up to 29 degrees as I left town but I still had a good tailwind so I managed to get out another 50 or so km until I reached Sunnyside where I got a room at the Country Inn for the night. 

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