mandag 23. juni 2014

Day 12: Gaining elevation

96.7 km

Feeling pretty drained I got off to a late start at 9:40. It just felt so good to lay inside the sleeping bag this morning. I knew I had some serious climbing to do so I paced myself accordingly. It was slight uphill the first 10 or so km and after 15 an additional km of moderate to steep climbing I was on the top of Chief Joseph pass at about 2208 m elevation in wonderful weather. 

The way up including the way down was surrounded by wilderness and there were no services for about 70 km, but I had enough food and water stored. 

I didn't get to descend as far as I had come up this time. I was now gaining elevation and am staying there for a while until I put the Rockies behind me somewhere in Colorado. 

I descended to about 1850 m where I got to enjoy cycling across a beautiful plateau surrounded by tall mountain tops on all sides. It was all nice cruising into Wisdom, a small town where I got to refuel at a restaurant by eating a hearty meal. Because of the heat from the sun and the fact that there hadn't been any services for some time, I was down to my last mouthful on my emergency water bottle, so it felt good to get to another town just in time. 

After stocking up on more food and water in Wisdom, I continued across the plateau to Jackson, a small town with about 40 inhabitants. The map had warned me that there wasn't any grocery store here so I got all I needed in Wisdom to make it through the night and until noon tomorrow. 

I walked into the reception at Jackson Lodge & Hot Springs and got set up with a tent site in the back yard. It felt great to get washed up in the shower and get several layers of sunscreen and salt off my body. 

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