lørdag 21. juni 2014

Day 10: Zero day in Missoula

Today was the first rest day I had since the start of the trip. I had been having a little bit of pain in my knees and I think I was brewing on some saddle sores, so it felt good to get some time off. After I had called home and spoken with my family I got out to a bike shop down the street and got them to check the bike for wear and tear. I had planned to get my bike checked out in Missoula since before I started the trip, to make sure I headed into the more serious climbs with a properly functioning bike. They told me it was in general good state with only minor things like front wheel a little out of true and worn shifter cable. The bearings, drivetrain and chain was all in good shape. I was also pleased to hear that I had done the lubricating right this time since it has been something bike mechanics had made comments on during previous tours. Too little lubrication can lead to wearing down movable parts fast, but too much can make dirt stick and wear things down a lot faster than it should. 

After returning from the bike shop I went to the motel basement and did some laundry and made sure my tent and other equipment was dry and ready for adventure. I spent the rest of the day eating, drinking lots of water and doing stretches and otherwise relax. 

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