mandag 16. juni 2014

Day 5: Farmland cruising

76.0 km

I woke up to a wonderful crisp morning by the river with the sun shining through the leaves of the tree under I which I had put my tent and a refreshing morning breeze coming up the river. I had made enough food last night so I ate the leftovers and after a little while I was all set. 

My legs are getting stronger by the day now and this morning I felt more rested than ever. This, along with the flat terrain, made the first part of the day pretty easy.

The first 40 km passed on a quiet country road through big open fields and orchards growing cherries, apples and grapes. I was later to learn that all this land was owned by one man, who needless to say had made a fortune on what he produced. 

When I made it to the small town of Prescott I stopped by a post office. I wasn't happy with a couple of thing I had brought with me and had come to the conclusion that the weight loss from getting rid of those items was worth more than having that extra luxury. Also, I thought now would be a good time to get rid of these items since I was headed into some mountainous terrain, within a couple of days ride. The items were stove, cooking pots, some clothes and a camel bak. What a relief.

After having shipped off all the excess items I headed over to a small convenience store to get a bite to eat. Outside I struck up a conversation with a very facinating older guy named Jack. He told me all kinds of stories about things I don't know where to begin to describe. I felt a bit pressed for time as I left Prescott but what do you have time for if not to speak with the people you meet? 

I made my way to a larger town called Dayton and decided to get a motel room in town due to the lack of services for about 120 km on the road ahead. The guy at the reception asked if I didn't mind getting a bigger room so I got a room with enough beds for me and each of my bike panniers. 

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