onsdag 6. august 2014

Day 55: Troubling Thirst

93.5 km

I got off to a late start at 11:00 with the sun shining and the temperatures rising. The first part of the day went by very fast going through narrow and windy country roads and rolling hills. After the first 70 km I made a stop in just past Catawba where I sat under the shade of a bush for a late lunch. I didn't pass any store that seemed to be open in the small town and as I made my way further, I realized a little too late that I had passed the whole town in hope of finding a source of water. With temperatures getting close to 40 centigrade, about a quarter of a bottle of water left and 30 km to the next town. I was sweating like crazy and the rate at which the fluids seeped through the pores of my skin was alarming, considering that I had used up all my water.

Feeling lightheaded, I walked into a gas station 30 km later to ask if I could fill up my bottles somehow. The cashier told me that due to the nearby roadwork, they had to close up the water supply so for the first time of the trip I think, I had to pay for water, but man it was good!

Later, I stopped by a pizza place and downed a large one before giving up on finding a camp spot and went for a motel in Daleville instead. 

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