søndag 10. august 2014

Day 60: Off Route

107.4 km

By 9:00 I had packed up and checked out, ready to head off the ACA mapped route so I had to rely on the intel I had been gathering through Google Maps at the hotel. I had a general idea of where to go but the details had to be studied further and memorized. The plan was to reach Fredericksburg, VA today so that I would have slightly less than 100 km on my last day. Not having the luxury of following a mapped cycling-route, I found my way out by the main roads through town and I had to take some dangerous maneuvers such as taking a left turn crossing 5 lanes of high speed traffic.

The riding was nice and quiet with gently rolling hills and partially clouded weather. Riding today was very emotional as it started to dawn upon me what I was about to complete. Over the last two months I have invested so much time, effort and emotion in getting myself from one end of the country to the other on my own, far away from home. The sense of accomplishment have gradually increased along with the sense of commitment to completing, as the days have passed and I was now getting a very strong empowering feeling. 

After a while, I got to the city of Orange where I stopped for lunch before continuing down the road again. As I got closer to Fredericksburg, traffic increased gradually and when I got to the major road into town, the road was so heavily trafficked, on a shoulderless four lane road, that there were some serious close call encounters with passing traffic.

I decided to find a place to sleep as soon as I got to Fredericksburg, without taking location into consideration as I hoped it would be better to get through town at a less busy hour. The plan was to arrive at the final destination tomorrow morning at 9:30, which meant I would have to start cycling at night, so I got to bed at a Super 8 fairly early. 

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