onsdag 6. august 2014

Day 56: Natural Wonder of the World

69.9 km

The day started with a small breakfast before heading out at 9:00. From the start I knew it was going to be a hot day as temperatures were working their way up. The first part of the riding was along a ridge towards Natural Bridge that offered wonderful views of the Appalachians. After stopping for some more food, I continued in good spirits.

After another few km I reached a town slightly off route, named after one of the seven natural wonders of the world located there - Natural Bridge. The 500 million year old rock - Natural Bridge is 65.6 m high and was bought (along with the surrounding land) by Thomas Jefferson from King George III of England for 20 shillings which today is about 2.4 dollars. Standing under this enormous structure made a strong impression of the sheer grandeur that Nature is capable of. I took my photos and sat there for a while before heading out again. As I started pedaling towards Lexington, out of nowhere a car slowed down beside me, rolled down the window and the lady in the passenger seat wished me a good ride.

As I got closer to Lexington, it really started to pour down so when I arrived in the beautiful town, I got changed and sat down at a bar and ordered a burger and a beer. I later walked around the historic town before finding my way to a motel for the night. 

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