lørdag 9. august 2014

Day 58: Closing in

49.2 km

Knowing I was in no rush to get the day's short mileage done, so I hung back in Waynesboro before setting off into the big hill I had come down yesterday. After riding over gently rolling hills, I stopped at an orchard where I bought some homemade frozen yoghurt. I sat there for quite some time, pondering upon the epic journey I have had so far. It is still surreal for me that it was just two months ago I was on the other side of the country, struggling to find my way on my own over the Cascades. It seems like it was in another lifetime. Although it seems long ago, the days have gone by very fast with so many new experiences every day. 

After a lengthy stop, I headed out on the road again towards Charlottesville. Reaching Charlottesville, was a milestone of its own since this is the place I will be dropping the TransAm trail mapped by the Adventure Cycling Association and finding my own way to Washington D.C. I had planned on using two days from Charlottesville to the official endpoint of this trip at Washington Monument, so I had one day to spare that I decided on spending in Charlottesville. I found a room, checked in for two nights and kicked back after a hot and short day. 

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