lørdag 5. juli 2014

Day 23: Colorado!

90.6 km

The nice morning in the campground made it all too comfortable to stay. The other cyclists left just as I stared packing but I caught up with them down the road. Today was the 4th of July, so people celebrated the country's independence one way or the other, but few did so on the road.

The road was quiet and the weather was sunny with a moderate crosswind. Although the terrain was mostly flat, there were som longer climbs and I was gradually gaining more altitude over the course of the day. I crossed into Colorado after cruising through some big flats, and after croasing over some hills before reaching another huge open range in a circular valley with 50 km diameter, surrounded by tall mountains. The presence of the tall mountains warned me I had some more climbing ahead with the highest point of the Trans America trail - Hoosier pass (3520 m), only few days from here. 

By the time I got to Walden I was hungry and a little tired and decided I didn't want to push it another 60 km to get to another campground, so I decided to call it a day early. I biked to the sheriff's office in town and asked if I could put my tent up in the city park, which he gladly permitted. Unfortunately, the indoor swimming pool was closed so I had to spend the night showerless. There were some idiot kids that were lurking around the park sporadically during the night and threatened to mess with my tent, but they pretty much left me and the other campers alone. 

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