søndag 27. juli 2014

Day 45: Half Day to Sonora

66.7 km

I had set my clock one hour ahead before falling asleep last night to prepare myself for eastern time. I took my time this morning to t breakfast at the quiet campground and looking over the remaining part of the trip. According to calculations I was way ahead of schedule and only had to average about 75 km per day which means I can really take my time.

I knew as soon as I had done a few kilometers that this wasn't going to be a long day due to the exhaustion I was experiencing. After crossing into the eastern time zone and going over some rough hills in the increasing temperatures, I got into what appeared to be Amish country. I passed to older dudes in a horse powered carriage and when I stopped by a supermarket in Sonora I saw a horse and carriage parking.

I decided to find a place to stay in town and the only thing available was a bed & breakfast. Going up and down the street, trying to find the place, a woman sitting on the porch across the street waved and pointed towards a big brick house, obviously knowing what I was there for. I knocked on the door and got showed in by the host - Charlie who owned two more hoses across the street from which I could choose where I would like to stay. There was only one other guest at the B&B but there was s lot of stuff going on due to the wedding that was going to be held there this afternoon. The other gut was a French cyclist called Fabrice who had biked from San Francisco to Los Angeles and Grand Canyon bound for New York. We spent the evening together watching a movie and discussing the possibity of taking shortcuts from the mapped route. Charlie regularly checked in on us through the evening making sure we had everything including giving us a beer on the house and was able to sneak put some leftovers from the ongoing party. 

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