torsdag 24. juli 2014

Day 42: Slow Ride to Eddyville

91.6 km

The early morning riding started in the rain, and the cloudy weather kept the temperatures down as I navigated off route out of Carbondale. Once I got out to the quieter roads on route, I came to find that the road I was supposed to take was closed due to road work but I managed to get back on the route thanks to the help of Google Maps.

I wasn't feeling very good today and within the first 30 km I had made 4 wrong turns and one of them forced me to make a long detour. The light rain, thunder, wind and hilly terrain didn't make the day any better and it seemed like I had an endless stretch ahead of me to get to Goreville. I have from my previous tours learned that these kind of days regularly occur once in a while but it is all a part of the game. Once I got there I put on some dry clothes and sat down at a restaurant with a "Cyclists welcome" sign outside. I stayed there for quite some time to wait the worst part of the storm out and after a tasty meal, the nice waiter whispered to me that since I was a cyclist, I get dessert free. 

The ride towards Eddyville was incredibly tedious. My legs were moving but it didn't seem like I could get any traction. Although, the weather was clearing up and the combination of sunshine and recent rainfall created a dense fog that laid over the forest creating a mystical atmosphere. 

After climbing up a hill to Eddyville I was pretty tired and after eating dinner at a gas station I headed over to Hays Canyon Campground. The lovely host showed me to a nice spot near the showers and her kids came running out with a banana and an orange to give me. 

The now warmer weather prevented me from going to bed too early so I sat outside catching up on some writing before falling to a deep sleep in the tent. 

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