mandag 28. juli 2014

Day 47: Getting There Slowly

59.2 km

I had a hard time leaving the comfortable confines of the motel room this morning. Until now I had alway had a bit of a positive pressure hanging over me with the deadline being August 11th, but now I knew it would be easy to make it unless I got really unlucky. Me and my girlfriend have also decided that I can neither arrive before 11th as we had both agreed that she should be there waiting at the finish line. Even though it is satisfying to know I have made sufficient progress according to the standard set prior to the trip, it could actually be an effort not to make too much progress as I have gotten so used to the routine of riding every day that the daily mileage is fairly easy to do now. 

The riding out of Danville was easy with a slight tailwind. I was still off route bound for Berea, KY where the current map section ends. Once I got to Berea - a nice college town, I got to an AT&T store to put a little more data on my plan before sitting down at a mexican restaurant for lunch. I sat there for quite some time, trying to figure out wether to press on or stay in town. This was a larger town with almost 15,000 inhabitants which meant it had everything you could need while up ahead services were kind of spread out. Because of the poorly distributed lodging facilities on route, I would sooner or later have to take a short day and unlike the some towns down the road, this one offered camping, so I headed to a nice campground with showers, wi-fi and a pool for 7 bucks. I spent the evening in the shade by the pool getting up to date on the writing.

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