fredag 18. juli 2014

Day 36: Roller Coaster Riding

128.6 km

After an extremely comfortable night with cool temperatures, I packed up and got going by 7:45. The festivities in Golden City were to last another couple of days but I felt lucky enough to have caught some of it.

As I pedaled down the road, I encountered a sign warning of road work on route 6 km ahead. I decided to take a chance to check it out. There is always a way on a bicycle, right? After passing through several roadblocks, I got to the construction site. The construction zone was on a bridge so there really wasn't an option to go around, but with no one around I manage to sneak through on a walk path leading across. 

The riding today started to get hilly with short, often brutally steep climbs followed by equally steep downhills right away. You spent all this effort going up, then straight down to gain momentum for the next climb. It was exhausting going up and down like this, so I took a long break at a pizza restaurant in Ash Grove.

Heading out again, I started feeling very dizzy, but managed to pull myself together and squeeze out another couple of km to Fair Grove. The farms and houses along the country roads here in Missouri were really charming, overlooking the groves and often accompanied by huge lawns. 

After another meal in Fair Grove, I pressed on up and down over the steep hills to Marshfield. I tried asking around for a place to camp, but nobody seemed to provide any useful information, so I looked for a motel with a rather shabby appearance. For 40 dollars I was able to get the key to a time machine to the 70s. The shower and a bed really made for a good end to a hard day.

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