fredag 18. juli 2014

Day 35: Missouri!

114.0 km

After an uneasy night's sleep thanks to what sounded like a pack of rabid dogs barking into the night, I woke up not feeling very rested. I quickly packed up my things, ate breakfast and got going down the quiet roads. To be honest, I didn't feel very sharp this morning and it was pretty slow going all the way to Pittsburg. On the way there, I passed through Girard where I met a solo westbound New Yorker and I stopped and talked with him for a bit. 

After the 55 km to Pittsburg,KS, I stopped at a café for lunch and asked around for an AT&T store to try to get my prepaid plan renewed. I also stopped by the supermarket to stock up on some food and after a couple of hours in Pittsburg, I got going towards the Kansas-Missouri border. There really wasn't much else than cornfields all the way to the next town - Golden City, where I had decided to spend the night.

I stopped by the only open café and got a sandwich and a coconut pie before heading to the city park. The people here were very kind and helpful and I started to notice the country accent people had out here. After rolling back and forth to try to find a spot to put up my tent, a very pleasant lady greets me and gives me instructions on where to camp. There was a shower, restroom and water here so I was able to make myself very comfortable.

 Apparently, there was something called Golden City Golden Harvest Days, which included different festivities in this very park. Before long people started gathering around, live music was playing and food and different activities was arranged. I spent the evening eating and watching the very nice 133rd annual Golden City Golden Harvest Days. Several people came up to me and started asking about the trip, and I also learned that I was extremely lucky with temperatures here in Missouri and I would continue to be at least one more day. 

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