søndag 27. juli 2014

Day 44: Rough River

127.8 km

Having said goodbye to Elliot the night before as he knew he would probably kick back half a day at the church, I headed in to town for breakfast. I woke up a little later due to the late night last night but by 10:00 I was on the road. The temperatures were fairly high as I got going and the riding was quiet and pleasant going trough fields of corn and tobacco. I took several stops along the way including a small town called Utica where I was welcomed by a local to their "little piece of paradise". There really wasn't much to report from this day since it was pretty quiet and peaceful.

By the time I got to Rough River Dam State Park, the sun was slowly setting below the horizon so I stopped a local Corps of Engineers campground I had planned on reaching today. The tenant told me they had nothing at all but he was kind enough to call another campground 10 minutes further down the road and confirmed that they had room for another weary traveler. I got a nice secluded spot and got myself a nice shower and a meal before falling asleep in the tent. 

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